Thursday, March 25, 2010

times are a changin'

This week has been full of new beginnings, endings, and new possibilities. Not sure which one I prefer upon the other. Most of the time we all are opposed to change, right?

In my life I have individuals getting married, having babies, closing businesses, and opening new ones.

Why is it, that in the split second after we make the decision to make a "change", we second guess ourselves?

I once worked for a company, that will remain unnamed, which I swear changed policies, rules, and processes once a week. Every Monday you never knew what the morning meeting was gonna be. New manager, new policy, new way to use the rest room. I am being funny here, but seriously it was insane. It was the running joke that "change is good". Well, I personally think there are two sides of the coin on that one.

Why do I say that? I say that because I think it opens up room for too much interpretation of one's self. Meaning, if we could take away the "split second" of second guessing than I would say it is good. The thoughts of "will it work?, will this make me happy?, will I be good at this?, etc" are the thoughts I am speaking of. Self-doubt is only thing standing in one's way, right?

I have a gazillion business ideas, but why haven't I acted on it? It's the fear of change and self-doubt. Especially in today's economy. It is scary to make a change now. Some of us have to make a change or we will lose our homes but the other half is sitting there complacent working at a crappy job afraid to leave because the guaranteed pay check may go away. I get that, I understand that. Society is actually telling everyone "don't make a change now, you'd be silly to leave your job now!".

I say the heck with the nay sayers. Put your big girl pants on and stand up for what you believe in. Make the change and be good at it.

Peace and Love,

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