Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Leftovers Wednesday

Last night I was treated like a queen, that was until I had to clean the kitchen!

When I arrived home from work, I quickly got cozy and hit the couch to watch my movie I had rented. New Moon. I know, some of you are either not interested at all OR completely obsessed and waiting in line until June for the premiere. Whichever, category you fall into, I promise it's a good love struggle story that can't help but be enjoyed.

The first 30 minutes, were uninterrupted (I turned off my ringer and ignored my phone) and then as the movie started to get good. I yelled to Aaron in the kitchen, "I would like some cheese and crackers and a glass of red wine, please.". And then I smiled to myself. Knowing that was not gonna happen unless I did it myself (kinda like, unloading the dishwasher). After about 15 minutes, Aaron walks in and says "which bottle do you want me to open?". What? he is actually gonna pour me a glass of wine while my lazy butt sits on the couch and watches a Teen Vampire movie? Ok, this is getting good.

As the rest of the movie continues, Aaron slaves aways in the kitchen for an HOUR! A whole hour! I thought he must have been raising the chickens or growing the carrots. All I knew was that the house smelled fantastic and my movie was really good.

Then, with 20 minutes left, Aaron yells "OK, honey bunny". That is our international signal to each other that dinner is ready.

Really, 20 minutes left and I have to hit PAUSE! This is not happening.

He was so sweet. He "let" me eat in the living room while I ate my dinner. yes! I felt bad though, because if I had cooked for an hour and then Aaron didn't eat with me at the table, I would be upset. He didn't mind, I think because he was watching Seinfeld and knew I would be scarfing down my food in order to finish my movie.

Movie ended. It was good. Now, I'm excited for the new one. Although, I know for sure I won't see it in the movies so it will be awhile before I see it. I am not a die-hard fan so I can wait.

Today, I am eating the leftovers from Aaron's slave-driven dinner last night. He worked so hard for it, the least I can do is eat the leftovers.
Aaron's chicken stir-fry.

The best part: everyone in my office is coming in and asking what is that smell, it's so good? It makes me smile that Aaron is such a grand cook and I get to enjoy it.

What office lunch smell do you love or hate?

I have read articles about some companies banning certain lunches from their premises due to their smell? Crazy, huh?
We have a lot of Tuna lovers here so I'm used to that.

Happy Lunch Time,

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