Tuesday, March 23, 2010

bed-making 101

Please help!

After a long battle of "how to make the bed the correct way", I think I am ready to surrender. If I don't, I will drive myself crazy trying to teach him, when I might as well do it myself because no ones is going to do it better than me anyway, right?

I need guidance from my readers.

Should I surrender and let the husband make the bed the wrong way, or should I tell him he is exempt from bed-making and I will just make the bed the right way every day for the next 60 years?

I am not sure which way is better. I admit, I have tackled half the battle. It only took me about a week when we first moved in together to convince him that the bed needs to be MADE EVERY SINGLE day. He took to this idea so easily I figured it would be easy teaching him how to make the bed the way I want it to be made. What is the point of having a beautiful sleigh bed if you are going to let the sheet hang out? HUH, I ask him?

This morning, I was the first one out of bed so I quickly said to him as he was half asleep, "you're making the bed today". He shortly said "whatever, you are just going to go behind me and fix it so what's the point".

Ladies and Gentleman, I tried I really tried to not correct his bed-making skills. But but but I couldn't help it.

The pillows were upside down, it wasn't smooth and tight, and the sheet was not tucked in. I know I should be so happy that he does it, but I am a PERFECTIONIST and I just can't go to work knowing the bed is wrong. I fixed it as fast I could but he caught me, got upset, and stormed out. Funny, right? NO! He was mad.

I humorously said, "if you would just adhere to my few things that I am particular about, then I will leave you alone". Without taking a breathe, he said "a Few, you mean ALL of your crazy things that you are obsessed about?

I burst out laughing and said "YES! All of them"

I know I am a royal pain in the *ss, but he has known that since the day he met me when we were 12. I have not changed and I can't help it. I try to relax and it does not work. Oh well, at least we laughed about it.

I think he secretly likes my quirks, otherwise he would have a heck of a messy house if it was up to him!


  1. Ol' Brian Callahan is the same way! He has come to appreciate having the bed made every day, but he hates the way I make him do it when we make it together. I've tried and tried like you, but we have very different bed making styles. 97% of the time I'm the last one out of the bed and responsible for making it, but on the days I'm not he makes it his way...and it's a mess. However, I have come to appreciate his "mess" and just smile and thank him when I see it. It's all in the effort, and yes, the knew what they were getting into when they married us.

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Well I'm glad both of your PMC boys make the bed because mine sure doesn't. Andy's motto is "I'm going to sleep in it later so why even make the bed." Ugh, yes ladies that is what I have to deal with!! I'm the one that always makes the bed unless he is the last one out of the house and then I make the bed up when I get home! I think I've seen him make the bed up once and that's when someone was coming by to look at the house. So be happy that your men at least attempt to make the bed. :-)

  3. This is absolutely hilarious. I struggle with the same exact thing but I don't correct it because I DO NOT WANT TO MAKE THE BED. I just live with it. If I were to rate Hayden's overall performance it would be 80%. The fact that he tries to please me every single morning makes up for the other 20%...but I don't have as much bedding as you do.