Monday, March 22, 2010

fictional (well, true story)

Here's my story for the day:

A young man, picture an early 30's, handsome, blue-eyed, surfer, gone entrepreneur, heads out to the doctor. What kind of doctor you ask? A rheumatoid arthritis specialist to get blood work done. As he walks in to the doctor's office, he shyly checks himself in and sits down. As he approaches his chair, he is thinking to himself, "how did I get here?" and "is my life over?"

At the ripe age of 31, he is waiting for his name to be called to find out from a nurse that he may have rheumatoid arthritis. His life is over as he knows it and he is wondering how he got into a doctor's office filled with senior citizens; the youngest person in the waiting room besides himself is easily 75. Granted, he has nothing against the older generations, he just doesn't know how he has become a part of the same company. How did he get here?

As his self-loathing continues he begins to hear a familiar sound. Rip, rip, rip.....magazine pages continues. He ignores it at first. Then again. Ripppppp........He looks around and suddenly, as synchronized as an orchestra, the entire lobby is ripping pages from the magazines they are reading. Who knows what magazines they were. Maybe, Redbook or AARP? Who knows. He thinks to himself. "Are they stealing coupons or recipes?"

Does it really matter what they are ripping out? Isn't sort of "against the law" to rip pages from a doctor's office magazine? He couldn't believe that every single one of the 10 senior citizens were doing it? Geesh, rude much?

As I write this "fictional" story, I think of the times that I have been reading an article and when I go to read the "continue to page 120" in the back of the magazine only to find it ripped out making me not able to finish the article. Isn't that annoying!?!

I have always thought how rude of someone. The doctor's do not subscribe to these magazines for their patients to "steal" the recipes, etc.

My question for you is: Shouldn't it be illegal? I mean, I would NEVER do this. NEVER, ever, ever, NEVER, NEVER!

Funny story: Last night, i was re-reading a magazine of mine only to find the second page of an article ripped out. At first, I thought to myself, "where is the page?" Then, I realized I had done it to myself.

HAHA, AT LEAST I bought the magazine and PAID for it! I CAN rip all the pages out if I want to, right?

Happy Reading,

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