Sunday, March 21, 2010

put up a parkin' lot.

Saturday Saturday oh beautiful Saturday how I love thee.

The G Love concert was A-MAZING! He opened with "Blues Music" one of Aaron's favorites, so we were super amped! We had four friends join us and we definitely had a good time. More "cold beverages" than I had planned on having, but I still felt great Saturday morning so it's ok.

Aaron had to do some work so I decided to venture out and enjoy the spectacular city we live in!

I decided to go to the ATM that is the most inconvenient, but puts me right in the middle of the Saturday morning chaos in the heart of downtown Charleston. Love it. Sun was shining, windows were down, music pumpin'.

After the ATM, I headed to get a pedicure (had been too long.....) In order to get there, I had to tackle Market.
Holy, a lot of people! It was a parking lot.

However, I didn't seem to mind. Why would I? I was not in a hurry and it was great to see ALL of the people out and about and contributing to the local economy.

Love the warm weather and all that comes with it!

After the traffic subsided a little, then I had the privilege of driving behind a horse carriage tour. These are my fav. So, again. I did not mind.
It is amazing how great I feel after getting my toes "did." I am now ready for warm weather. Yippee!

Continuing on with the "love your city you live in" theme Aaron and I headed out to the best sunset spot in Charleston.
So beautiful and pristine.
Ok, so you are thinking why is she sharing her entire day? I do have a point to this, I promise.

Go out and enjoy your city, town, or neighborhood this week. Take advantage of all your surroundings have to offer you. I saw father/daughter days, retirees walking the town, as well as college kids headed out for breakfast yesterday. I want you to observe and enjoy your local environment. Don't take it for granted because you never know what life has in store for you and you don't want to regret not enjoying your sweet locale.

Happy Sunday Morning,

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