Friday, May 21, 2010

Aaron wanted in on the fun!

This is the closest thing to a guest post I can offer today. Many bloggers (the ones with um-teen followers) often have guest bloggers post on their blog.

It offers a sense of camaraderie and support of one another's work.

My version of a guest post is one the husband requested.

Although, I am doing the typing, he "sort of" asked if I could blog about this specific subject.

Have you ever made the mistake of taking out steaks, meat, etc to thaw out for dinner, all the while you have leftovers from the night before that need to be eaten.

There is nothing worse than wasting food, in my opinion and current economic status. Our household cannot only afford to waste food, but we also do not like to due to those suffering from hunger in other countries.

One beautiful, warm night this week, Aaron had this same dilemma.

He took out a rib-eye steak for himself and a piece of chicken for me to thaw out before he remembered he had Papa John's pizza leftover from the night before.

Once he realized this, he knew he had to come up with a solution fast on how not to waste either one of these food items.

In Aaron's world, you do NOT waste PIZZA! It is a sin to do so.

So, he came up with a pretty nifty pizza that involves bbq sauce and rib-eye steak.


I tasted it and it was superb.

Rib-eye steak is not tough and it was so delish on the pizza.

Aaron was so proud of his Pizza recipe, he will most likely make it again.

A great way to not waste his leftover pizza!

One point for Aaron!

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  1. Hilarious & Delicious!! That Aaron is soo resourceful!