Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Fresh

I have a had busy last few days. Mainly because I have had these two munchkins visiting me.

I have to say they are the sweetest two little girls in the world and they make the idea of two kids 18 months apart seem not too scary.

I guess the jury is still out for me, but if I am lucky enough to have girls like them, sign me up! Where's the sign-up sheet?

The saying "the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree" is correct and 100% accurate with these two.

They have the most amazing mother and friend to me who I often turn to for advice. They are super lucky to have her as their mother and will one day be amazing women just like her.

Moving on, a couple near and dear to our hearts shared their vegetable co-op with us this past week so we were spoiled and able to experience fresh local produce at our house.

Isn't this the most beautiful display of vegetables you have ever seen.

The colors excite me all on their own. I just adore all veggies.

Thanks Mom for making me eat them when I was growing up!

This got my head spinning thinking of new different ways to cook and consume FRESH produce.

I also just happened to come across an article in my Southern Living magazine that sparked my interest.

I have always wanted to can and make sweet pickles or pickled okra.

So, I decided to give it a shot. This reminds me of my Great Aunt Dee and my Great Grandmother Nanny Goat.

These women both seemed like Angels from Above to me. They were perfection in the kitchen and I always wanted to be like them, I just didn't especially like the prep-time involved when I was little. " Too much work", I always thought as a kid.

Now, I understand the process.

I found this recipe online.

It was described as simple and there you go. It had my name all over it.

I had to skip a step because not reading the details, I did not realize I needed special canning items. Such as a "hot water bath".

Apparently, canning is some serious business. They taste awesome and I can't wait to have them with a bloody mary, but because I skipped the "hot water bath" step, they will not last as long as a true canning recipe would. This means they will not last a year plus, but will last weeks. They will be gone before then anyway, so this is ok for now.

I am now on the hunt for some canning supplies.

Wish me luck @ my new amateur hobby.

Still needing to eat the veggies before they go bad.

I found a recipe on one of my favorite blogger's blog. Katie @ The Perks posted this recipe for Summer Succotash yesterday and I had everything I needed except the onion and corn so I went to the store and whipped this up last night.

I made a small adjustment to the recipe and added a dallup of my homemade pimento cheese! Yes, you said it.

It was yummy! Oo-La-La.

I just love cooking. It is becoming my newest hobby. I just feel bad for all of my closet friends and family who have to be my guinea pigs. It is sometimes hit or miss when you are trying something new.

Here's to trying new hobbies and Summer Fresh Produce!

* Please note, I apologize for the poor picture quality. These were all taken from my iPhone. I am in the market for a small digital camera if anyone has any suggestions.

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  1. Yummy! I heart pimento cheese. And that okra looks divine!