Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Once a CD user, always a Dork.

On a recent trip to the Apple Store for my "Intro to your iPad for business professionals" class, I found myself being that annoying know-it-all. You know the ones, you want to slap.

Because they have either read the class material ahead of time or have had some sort of experience on the topic and love to brag to everyone else in class.

I did not find myself bragging, but I did however, nod in agreement to every thing the instructor said.

I nodded because I did know that everything he was saying was in fact, correct.

How to turn it on.

How to set-up your email.

How to order apps from iTunes.

How to move the icons to your liking.

I knew all of this since I own an iPhone and I own a MacBook.

Putting these two together, teaches a lot and is sort of like a pre-requisite for the iPad. It made sense naturally to get one and it was an easy addition to my electronics collection.

The other attendees were not in the same boat.

Of the 6 people in my class, two owned iPhones and the other 4 are still using rotary phones (haha) so it was an interesting class to say the least.

All of it, I knew and just shook my head in agreement.

I could not help myself, I am head nodder, I suppose.

Anyhow, when he finally began to speak on a topic I did not know.

My ears perked up and I stopped nodding.

Thank heavens for 7-Eleven.

I realized what I had been doing and I was sure the instructor was irritated by me.

Heck, I was irritated by me. I was wondering why I even came to the class and was just happy he was talking about something I did NOT already know.

My fellow classmates were asking me questions and talking over him because they perceived me as an expert.

Eww.. I did not like myself this way. Yuck.

The instructor began to speak about iWorks, for all you PC-users this is like Microsoft Works. Your typical word, powerpoint, excel but in Mac terms.

I had been wondering how I was going to get these programs onto my iPad.

Without hesitation and zero thinking, I yelped..."Yea, I have been wondering how I was going to get that CD into my iPad"

Simultaneously, holding my iPad in the air showing him that there is no insert for the CD-Rom.

The instructor busted out laughing and so did I.

People, there is no Cd-Rom on an iPad, it is not a PC. Hello!!!!!!!!!!

McFly, wake up and smell the coffee!

He quickly said,"Yup, great question"

You know he was thinking, "if you would just shut up, maybe I will tell you"

I could not stop grinning because although my statement was half a joke/ half my stupidity: I happen to laugh at my own jokes.

The answer to the ? is, you download the programs from the app store for $9.99/each.

What an easy solution.

I still think it would be way cooler if I could insert the Cd into it.

Oh well.

Once a CD user, always a Dork!

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