Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Are you an inventory taker?

Recently I had a conversation with a special person in my life and she expressed her disdain for an inventory taker in her life.

What do I mean by inventory taker?

Not this....

What I mean by inventory taker is- someone who takes score, remembers your mistakes, tells you your weaknesses, that sort of thing.

I know you all know one.

Sort of like, Jill Zarin on the RHONYC.

You know, that friend that wants you to write them a thank you note for them sending you a thank you note.

This concept makes me laugh, just thinking about it.

Inventory takers are exhausting and their motives are skewed.

I "used" to be great friends with an inventory taker and quite frankly the negatives outweighed the positives so I had to pry myself away from that friendship.

As a friend, you are not supposed to feel guilty if someone gives you a nice gift and you don't reciprocate.

How the h*ll are you supposed to know that the two of you are exchanging Halloween presents. I mean, come on.

I give gifts out of the kindness of my heart with no expecatations.

Inventory takers, are watching your next move waiting for you to make a mistake.

If you have 1 inventory taker or even 2 in your life.

Run. Fast.

Tell them to go stock the shelves somewhere else.

You have some shopping to do!

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  1. Who was the inventory taker you dropped. Can't wait to hear? Call me and tell me. I know the other ones you are talking about. I am taking my inventory today and you know what I LOVE ME!!!!! But love you more! xo and my Khaki is now texting again. Whew hew.....Have a great day my sister and best buddy in the whole wide world....xo As of Thurs. you nephew is officially a Junior in High School. Good Golly Wolly and he made it this far due to you and Madonna.....and Justin Timberlake..and the Tahoe.....:)