Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sometimes you just gotta......

Sometimes you just gotta:

Stay in on a Saturday night and BLOG

Let your spouse/partner be right, it's not worth the fight

Kiss your dog on the lips (I know I know some of you think this is gross. Not french kiss though like Jill Zarin from RHNYC)

Not make your bed (I am taking my own advice tonight and gonna try this again. My OCD'ness gets in the way and I have never successfully done this)

Go to your town's Saturday Farmer's Market (a must here in Charleston)

Buy an expensive piece of ART (you only live once)

Drink beer from a can (brings back memories, hey?)

Go without polish on your toes (it's like letting your toes breathe again)

Drink/Eat yourself silly, and then....

Give yourself a break, you can workout tomorrow

Realize that people are crazzzzzzyyyy!

Love your family, even when they make you crazy

Not wear make-up for an entire weekend

Hang with your friends, adult conversations are extremely important to all you Mommies out there!

Clean your house, ugh. No one likes it, but the results are stunning!

Go to the beach and not say a word to anyone. Just listen to the waves. Complete silence. My dream.

Have a homemade Pina Colada, holy yum! (A's are the best!)

Sing your heart out in the car with your windows down and not give a hoot if anyone hears/sees you

Give a hug to a friend

Volunteer! Don't forget to give back to your community

Stand up for your friends even when you know they are wrong

Wear your slippers out in public. (This seems to be popular in my house)

Buy a $30 lipgloss or $60 candle (just make sure you actually use them, don't save them for a museum display)

Realize your Mom is right (sometimes) ;-)

Pray. (Amen)

Read a trashy magazine (ie. celebrity gossip) and not feel bad about it.

Breathe. 1-2-3, 1-2-3

Watch the sun rise. Magic.

Watch the sun set in Key West, Fl. The best.

Yell really loud.

Admit when you are wrong. (I find this a very wonderful trait for someone to have)

AND...for all you men out there...




Laughing at my own humor.


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