Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kids say the darndest things!

Today is National Running Day so I decided to torture my body and run for the first time in a while.

As I geared up, earphones and all, the "kids" next door ran up to me outside of my house and yelled, "Ms. Kelly where are you going?"

Note: Kids= three sisters next door, plus 5 cousins. A mix of girls and boys.

Shanasia, Aailyah, Angel, Jamal, Windell, Maya, Ti'neece, and Jamaya.
Whew, that's a lot of kids!

I said, "I'm going running"

Jamaya, who rarely speaks says "Why you goin' runnin" you're skinny!"

I immediately love this child even more than I did two seconds before her praises towards me.


I literally started laughing and said, "well sometimes you just gotta run. thank you though!"

She smiled and said "You're welcome Ms Kelly".

Then she wrapped her arms around me and asked if I had a lollipop for her.

Funny thing, I gave her a lollipop two years ago and she always asks me this.

I appreciate her hugs and all, but she definitely associates with me as the candy lady.

I was about to lecture the kids on the fact that even though she thinks I'm "skinny", it's not just your weight but your heart and you have to keep it moving.

I smiled to myself and thought, no way.

Today I am duty-free of having to teach these kids a lesson.

Tomorrow is the last day of school for them and I know they are in no mood to hear about how to live a healthy lifestyle, the fact that they should read for 30 minutes before bedtime, or how they need to be more kind to each other, after all Family comes first.

They are frankly so sick of my life lessons it's a mystery to me that they still knock on my door every evening when I get home from work.

As I started down the road for my evening exercise, the kids waved me off and yelled "have fun Ms. Kelly".

These kids are a trip. I love them.

I love the way they make me smile and they remind me how the sweet little things in life can completely transform your day.

I highly suggest that you all go out and befriend a fews kids.

They're the best!


  1. I'm glad you decided to share your National Day! Hope you enjoyed your run!

    p.s. Kids do say the darndest things, and can really change your mood/day. I'm sure they are just as glad to have you as you are them.

  2. And just remember who is the "hippest"....I love those kids too....tell them to get the church dance together so I can see them on the porch again. You are such a great role model Khaki....and I know when you hit the pavement you were smiling and laughing.....:) love you....and P.S. Buy some dag gone lollipops hey are Fat Free for the kids.....:)