Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blind Date?

Is a blind date really a blind date anymore?

With social networking at it's peak and the 500 Million users of Facebook, is it really appropriate to call it a blind date?

Cyber Stalking used to be just "goggling" a person, even yourself perhaps, but now the first place to find out the "juice" on someone is Facebook.

As you are sitting across the table from someone on the "first date", should you tell them that you already know their zodiac sign, their religion, and who they voted for in the 2008 Presidential Election?

What's the purpose of the first date if you have already researched this person like your high school term paper?

This is not fair, people.

Cupid is upset that you are not letting him choose your destiny.

Most of you are canceling the blind date before it even happens based on the "subjective" information you are gaining by googling and facebooking your potential date.

I see this as a major issue.

The date you just cancelled, could have been "the one".

Forget looks, opposites attract.

I know I don't take a good picture, so if I was being judged by my hideous profile photo, I would get cancelled on too.

Let's really make these dates blind and forget that we have access to the crystal ball.

The next time you have a blind date, promise yourself not to cyber stalk.

You may be surprised that you can't judge a book by it's cover, or is it "by it's Facebook profile".

Let go and let fate step in, you'll be surprised.


  1. does that mean no more facebook, was looking for your profile picture which is always cute....

  2. I thought about this today when a coworker told me about a comment an interviewee told him about my coworker's car. He googled my coworker and found out he was a member of a car club; kind of creepy!