Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Do you care to be hip?

Being the "fashionista" that I am (NOT!), I have been doing my research on what's hot and what's NOT so hot this Fall!

New seasons bring change in weather, food, spirits, and of course FASHION.

Here's what's (apparently) in.

Are you?

Military gear.
Specifically Cargo Pants!

Gray Accessories.
Clutch Purses

Zip-Up Boots
Short and Tall

Big Chunky Bracelets with Stones
Pretty and Fun!

Do not run out and try incorporate all of these things.

In my opinion, doing just one of these things makes you hip!

Trying to fit all of these trends into one outfit would be a nightmare.

I anticipate it looking something like this....

Sorry Bjork, but you know this is awful!

What do you think of these trends?

Do you like or not!

Are you hip or do you care to be hip?

Let's talk about this, I want to hear your opinions!


  1. I look like a dork in cargo pants.

  2. Me too Katie, but I am really loving the gray accessories!