Thursday, November 11, 2010

What can you go without?

Ok, so last year about this time our refrigerator decided to take a temporary nap.

We were without a refrigerator for three weeks while waiting for the new one to come in.

Did I mention that it was during the holiday season?

Thank goodness it fell between my Thanksgiving Dinner with Friends and our Roaring 20's New Year's Eve party.

We thankfully had weeks in between to fix this mess.

Our kitchen was a disaster on my birthday and I spent my birthday night putting the kitchen back together.

The plus side of things: I got a DISHWASHER and a new stove, and a new microwave that all match!

Ok ok, so I probably made out in this whole debacle.

However, I said that I would never take having a refrigerator for granted.

We had to throw everything away. I mean everything. Except the freezer stuff that we could put in the big freezer temporarily.

Also, we learned later that it was a $20 part that needed to be fixed on the old fridge, so now we have an "extra" fixed fridge in the shed, which is great for entertaining might I add.

"Beer goes outside, boys!"

I love being able to say that now!

Ok, so now another year has past.

And of course something else had to break.

Isn't sort of your fate, to be fixing and breaking things around the holidays.

Having unexpected repairs is like rule #9 of what we call the adult life, right?

Always expect, the unexpected.

That's my philosophy and I'm sticking to it.

Last night our hot water heater broke and slightly flooded our bedroom.

Not really flooded, but water managed to soak the rugs and even run into the linen closet in our bedroom.

Bad news: we have hardwood floors.

Really bad news: I am OCD and had to clean it all up last night at 10pm.

I cannot possibly go to bed with towels and crap everywhere.

We went to Lowe's with 20 minutes to spare of them closing.

Picked out a new water heater and loaded it up.

This morning it was being fixed and should be completed by the time I get home tonight.

Thank goodness for a handy husband.

I had no idea the lingo the Lowe's employee was telling us last night.

I appreciated his eye contact, but "really I have no idea what you are saying so no disrespect if you ignore me as the wife"

This was my thought as he "Craig" was his name, was telling us about copper coils, etc, etc.

When we got home from Lowe's, the hot water heater was placed in my LIVING ROOM!

Hello, if you have ever seen my living room, it is tiny and has no room for such a large item.

Then I attempted to wash my face with freezing cold water.

That was torture.

And I highly suggest this tactic if you are sleepy and need to stay awake.

The water was so cold on my face, I was in permanent shock.

So dear Mr. Frigidaire, I love you so.

You keep my food cold and I love you for that.

I also love my hot water heater.

No, I am not cheating on you, but if I had to choose.

I'm not sure how you would feel.

A hot shower is pretty much irreplaceable.

Food can wait!

Thanks for understanding,

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