Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Are you blended?


...are all words we can use to describe family members.

I do not use the first two.

How do I mean?

Well, you see I have (what I like to call) a blended family.

We have steps, halves, etc...but not really.

We don't use those words and I can't stand them actually.

You see, if we used those words then that would make me an only child.

And THAT I am not.

An only child.

That is not possible nor will I even cater to the idea. Not for one second.

My brother and sister and I share the same mother.

Yes, we have different fathers, but they are my brother and sister.

I hate it when people say to me: So they are your step brother and sister?

No, you idiot! (that's what I'm thinking)

They are my brother and sister, but if you want to get technical we are half, but step would mean we don't share blood.

and THAT we do.

I actually cannot even relate (no pun intended) to people who do not have a blended family.

You know the perfect little 2.5 kids, with one dog, and no divorces or deaths.

I am envious, yes.

Would I change a thing?

NO way.

I "technically" have one step brother, one step sister, one half brother, one half sister, two other brothers that I claim whom share the same last name as my half brother and sister, a cousin (that's not really my cousin, but feels like she is so I love her) An Aunt and Uncle whom I call Aunt Sherrie and Uncle Phil (who are not really my aunt and uncle, they are my brother and sisters's aunt and uncle). I also have a step-sister that I claim who is not even my step sister she is my brother and sisters. Oh, and I also have one step-Dad and another step-Dad and step-Mom (who aren't mine either but we have a connection and that's all that matters too!)

Confused yet?

Yes, it is confusing. But it is the way it is supposed to be and I don't know what I would do without the steps, halves, reds, and greens.

Whatever the heck you want to be to me, come on over give me a HUG and let's call each other family.

And to all of you who don't think all this step and half stuff is for real, you've got another thing coming.

History is history.

And if you have been in my family my whole life, that means "TECHNICALLY" you ARE my family!

I think I've said my peace to the naysayers,

Talk to me:
Are you blended?
If you are, isn't it great?
If you're not, come to one of my family dinners and stay awhile. You will wish you were!


  1. I am an unblended and had never really thought about that before. But out of my circle of friends that makes me an oddity! Interesting blog post lady!

  2. I would have to say I definitely come from a blended family! I think we have discussed my family before and I had to break out a piece of paper to explain it to you! HA! :-) I LOVE my family and would'nt change anything!! Great blog KS! ♥

  3. Near I say that if anyone ever called you anything other than my sister it would be me calling them into a boxing ring so I could woop their _________. Now with that being said, I am grateful for all the blendedness(most anyway) in our family and I dare anyone to ever speak differently without attending a family function full of Love, Acceptance, Laughter, Prayer, Insightfullness, Harmony, Peace (for the most part) and most importantantly described above Connected. We are such a Blessed Blended Family and I know my heart feels that every time we are together and would not as Khaki says change a thing(maybe a few little things) about most of us......To my wise younger sister, Keep on Keepin on with your blended blessed self and you are my Awesome Sister 100%........