Friday, February 18, 2011

For his AND her pleasure

Ok, get your mind out of the gutter.

This is not a condom commercial or a public service announcement about using protection during intercourse.

This is KHAK-A-LACKIN's first movie review!

To celebrate Valentine's Day the husband and I went to the movies.

Cinebarre to be exact.

You know the kind where you EAT, DRINK, and be Merry.

I got to choose the movie, well just because I did.

We usually take turns choosing, but I made the executive decision that it was my movie night.

To avoid a disappointed husband and nightmares of Swans for days, I did my research.

I won't talk bad about other movies, but I will say that the movie I chose did have the best review of all the Romantic Comedies out right now.

So, drumroll please........

We Saw.

It was so good.

Actually, it was so good the husband was still talking about it the next day.

He also, mentioned that he thinks it's going to go into the "classics" category.

I was proud. I picked a good one.

I must say I love Natalie Portman a lot more now.

And Ashton Kutcher gets more handsome every day.

Could it be his hot wife, wearing off on him? Possibly.

The music was spectacular!
Great songs by:
Color me Badd
Temper Trap

were feautured.

"I wanna sex you up" was the very first song in the movie, I immediately was taken back to sixth grade summer. Oh the memories.

There were slang terms my precious ears haven't heard in ages and also a few adult words exchanged too.

The movie was hilarious, especially with the one-liners from Ludacris, playing Adam's friend.

Emma's (Natalie Portman) adoring roommate Shira was hilarious as was the beautiful Lake Bell playing the quirky work colleague of Adam.

Kevin Kline's performance as the self-absorbed father of Adam (Ashton's character) is very much not the person you love in this flick. So I suppose his acting was good, because by the end of the movie, you despise him!

Adam and Emma have a connection beyond the age of 14.

Enjoy the ride of their romance and see how it turns out.

Natalie Portman "did funny" really well in this movie.

and Well, Ashton is Ashton. Funny as always.

This movie had so many one-liners it's hard to pick the best one and I don't want to spoil it for you either.

This movie is for boys and girls!

Run do NOT walk to this movie.

Enjoy it with some Twizzlers and Popcorn and your significant other.

You both will love it!

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  1. Mike and I saw it a few weeks ago! We both LOVED it!

    P.S. I am so excited for this weekend!!! :) Love you