Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No shadow here.

I love February 2nd!

It is my mother in-law's favorite holiday so I have sort of adopted it.

Every year we get Groundhogs Day Ginberbread Cookies sent to us in the mail.

They haven't arrived yet this year, hint hint.

I mentioned them to the husband the other day.

I hope they are coming soon!

We each get our own bag.

Consume at your own pace.

They are usually gone in two days!

Do you love this font above or what?

It's called LoveDrops.

I downloaded it for free over at How About Orange. Thanks Jess. Check out her blog HERE!

I intend to use it as much as I can between now and Valentine's Day!

I'm glad Phil the GroundHog didn't see his shadow!

It's 70 degrees here in Charleston today! Yippee!

Hope he's right,

More to come on the giveaway winner!

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