Tuesday, January 26, 2010

trash/treasure...you choose?

Back ground Info.:
Last week I finally "cleaned out" the top of my closet. About 6 months ago, a friend saw the top of my closet and was in disbelief. She made a comment about how she couldn't believe how messy the top of my closet was. First, the door should have been shut, my bad. Second, I am NOT perfect. I DO have "some" messy drawers/closests. Third, I am 5'2 so if something falls, I just jump up and throw it and hope it sticks. HaHa! The top of my closet consists of sweatshirts, sweatpants, work-out pants, etc.

Anyhow, last week I had a freak out moment and decided to clean out the top of my closet while watching American Idol. (Aaron did not like this because I had all of these items thrown across the bed so he could not get cozy to watch tv.) I actually threw out my first VT HighTechs Dance Team Black Fleece, ugh. That took some letting go for me! ;-) (Throwing out means putting in a trash bag and giving to GoodWill.) I also threw out some of my warm-ups from my HighTech days. Why was I saving these? I don't know, but it took me down memory lane really quick. I could name the faces and good times that came to my mind, but that would be an entirely different post.

Ok, back on track. So today when I got home, I knew I had an hour left of sunlight so I quickly changed into workout clothes, grabbed Goose (10 year old black lab), the leash, and two plastic bags and off we went on a walk. When I opened my closet doors, I thought "ok, what to wear". A silly thing I do, is actually want to look not like a bum when I work out. I admit, ok, I admit it. At the bottom of the fleece pile was one I have had since 1998! Really?!? I love it. It is grey and blue and probably looks "Old", but who cares, I have always loved it! It's from American Eagle. I felt like I was walking Morgan aka Goose when she was a puppy. So, is it trash, as in should I have thrown it away? or is it a treasure that I should keep as long as it looks ok? This is a question I ask myself every time I clean out my closets. I usually use the rule, if I haven't worn it in the last year, trash it. But, there are a few exceptions to this, right? Am I crazy or do you agree?

Which leads me to the next item. About two years ago, Aaron came to me and said I got some cool chairs. And I said, "What do you mean some cool chairs, and from who?". Mrs Wright the sweet lady next door was throwing them away and he took them off the curb from her. Honestly, when he told me this, I thought, yeah right, when are we going to get these in tip-top shape for the LTB? I was so entirely wrong, I changed my mind once the LTB was done and told him not to paint them. He originally had planned to sand them and paint them and I told him "NO"! He looked at me like I was crazy and said, "really". I said yes, I love the little bits of Green and the imperfections. "Don't do a thing to them, They Are Perfect!"

Don't assume that trash is trash and treasure is treasure. You never know what can be re-used in a different way around the house. Also, don't be afraid to throw away. It will be ok, you WILL forget about it. Today it is important to recycle, re-use and also to de-clutter. Don't be afraid to tackle that closet you have been avoiding, but also don't be afraid to look for ways to use another's trash and make it your treasure.


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  1. Hey KS! Andy and I just cleaned out our closets too! It was very much needed!! It felt great to re-organize. I put all our sweatshirts on the top of the closet too! So funny because if something falls I end up doing the same! I just throw it back up hoping it lands perfecetly! I usually use my little step up or a chair if I have time. :-)
    By the way you're not crazy when it comes to throwing stuff out. Andy does the same, he has sweatshirts from highschool. I'm the opposite, I just get rid of things and not even think about it. Then a couple days later I have regrets giving it away! I love those chairs! Hope your having a great week! Your blog entries are getting me thru it! ♥