Friday, May 28, 2010

captive audience

I know I am going to upset a few readers today, so I just want to put it out there that this is based soley on my opinion and I am OK with anyone that does not agree with me.

(Differences in opinion are the spice of the life, they allow us to see things through another lens and I appreciate the moments when I realize I may have been looking at something completely wrong)

Ok, so on to the purpose of my post.

I waited a day to write this because I feel like yesterday the TV watching audience of the US needed a little bit of time to digest the results of American Idol.

I have come to the conclusion of a few things.

I am the type of person who really likes to figure things, people, and results out.

I am simply astonished that the US chose LEE has the American Idol. Not, because I don't like him.

BUT, because CRYSTAL blew him away on final performance night.

HOWever, the DWTS's audience got it right by voting NICOLE the winner.

She WAS the best dancer on the show, and all other factors aside. She deserved to win.

How can it be that the viewing audience got it right for DWTS and NOT for AI.

Here's my hypothesis.

The audience is the number one factor. Their life experiences and realistic views are what makes the difference in voting patterns.

You may still be confused, but here it is in simple terms.

American Idol's fan base is much younger than DWTS.

My parents used to watch both, but they are much more devoted to DWTS.

Sorry, Mom if I just threw you under the bus. But it's true.

She and my Dad are baby boomers.

Which makes them much wiser, more experienced and REALISTIC.

It's easy for the DWTS voters to honestly say, "ok, she's the best, I'm voting for her".

Not, the case with AI's voters.

AI's voters are for the most part aged 12-44, I'm guessing here.

This age group still lives in LA-LA land and ALWAYS votes for the underdog.

I don't get this.

I mean, we all know they both will have great careers but shouldn't there be some sort of recognition for kicking some major A$$ final performance night?

Crystal was ridiculously good, gave me goosebumps, and moved me to tears.

Not so much for Lee that night.

I love the guy, think he's great.


He did not win in my eyes on performance night.

Here's my bone to pick.

The AI voters did the same darn thing last year with Chris Allen. Again, love him too!

BUT, Adam Lambert was the winner from Day One and he should have WON that freakin' title.

Again, sorry with the caps and the frustration.

I just don't get it.

Life is not all fairytales and roses.

The person who IS the best, should win. Not the guy who needs the sympathy vote.

I am stern when I say, I believe this whole-heartedly.

We sure as heck don't vote for our President because we feel sorry for them, do we?

Sympathy votes. Should NOT count.

This is one life, and I personally only want to win an award because I deserved it, not because someone feels sorry for me.

Not feeling sorry for myself,

PS. I bought "Falling Slowly" with Crystal and Lee on itunes and it's awesome!

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