Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Today I had an orthodontist appointment, I know how old am I?

Sometimes adults have to go for maintenance issues ie. my permanent retainer broke and $120 later, all is good in the Land of KHAK's mouth!

Hooray, my teeth are straight and I should be good for at least another 2 years for my next repair.

Since my appointment only took 20 minutes flat, I decided it was NOT a coincidence that TJ MAXX is a hop, a skip, and a jump away from my doctor's office.

Background information: I have always heard that Tuesday mornings are the best time to go there since their weekly deliveries arrive on Tuesday mornings.

SSShhhh.....this is top secret

You have to promise you will not tell a soul, except your shopping buddies.

I decided I had to take advantage of this situation!

I had to, I had to I tell ya!

I have a little bit of predicament in which I hate all of my work clothes and quite frankly I am sick of wearing all black every day.

I have no idea how my closet got this way, but I apparently have a love affair with BLACK and I need to end it really fast.

Like, today!

I scored so big today!

There is a reason for this being their slogan....

I found lots of great tops for work and a few loungin' weekend shirts too!


One shirt I liked was Made in China, so I put it back. More on that later.

I bought 7 shirts for $125.

Not bad Not bad.

Although, every day when I check my bank account the money that I keep expecting to magically appear has not yet, so I cannot be spending too much!

I justify this purchase by the simple fact that I NEED Summer tops and I did not buy anything else.

No skirts, purses, shoes. Although I saw a few I would have liked to have purchased.

I also was super close to purchasing this awesome Lacoste Beach Towel for $14.99.

I may go back and get that puppy. Beach towels are expensive and I loved this one with alligators on it.

If you ever get the chance to visit your local TJ's on Tuesday morning, tell 'em KHAK sent ya!


  1. Ooh show those shirts! I need some new Summer clothes too!!

  2. You crack me up KS!!! I need to take advantage of those Tuesday morning TJ Maxx shipments! I think our Marshalls at Haygood has new shipments on Thursday's to get ready for the weekend boom!! :-) I just got some new towels at Kohls. There was a sale on them and I decided to grab a couple. I did by these cool towels that fold over into the top part of your chair, to prevent the wind from blowing it off. I usually use my clips but the towels were so pretty that was the whole point!! :-) ♥ ya!!

  3. I see a Tuesday Maxx run in our future, MAnn; Thanks for the tip Kelly Anne! Glad the ortho went well for you; keep your fingers crossed for my dentist appt.

    Go get that towel!