Thursday, May 13, 2010

variety is the spice of life

My intent of today's post was to fill your brains with a lot of tips/resources for you as you walk this journey we call, life.

From saving money to making every day count, I hope I can add a little "FLAIR" to your day.

A few things you mat not know that I want to share with you:

1. If you have an American Express card you have access to early ticket purchases on for performances/concerts, etc. Typically, a week earlier than the usual ticket date you can purchase tickets. I have used this before and it was great! I was able to get the hubby and I, really great seats for John Legend. I am not supporting going out and getting an Am/Ex card. Lord knows, we all have too many CC, but if you already have one you NEED and MUST take advantage of this premium offering.

2. Today Subway had FREE BREAKFAST from 7-11am. A special promotion to push their new breakfast menu. The English Muffin was superb with egg whites and the coffee was great! Seattle's Best is strong and bold. Loved it. A new healthy breakfast option for those of you on the run.

3. This weekend I urge you to take advantage of the FREE scenery in your town. For those of you on the Coast, the beach is FREE, but SPF is NOT. DO NOT FORGET THIS, especially since it is the beginning of the beach season and your skin has been in hibernation mode. SPF SPF SPF!!!!!!!!

4. New restaurants are popping up everywhere in Charleston and they probably are in your town too. Commercial real estate is down so business owners are taking advantage of good lease options. Go ahead and support local. You are rewarding yourself and your community by getting the commerce flowing. Bon appetit and Salute!

On to other random things.....

Do you make the coffee in your house or does your significant other?

Mine recently decided to give up coffee for a bit.

No reason given but whatever.

I am upset about this because in exchange for him making the coffee every morning, I make the bed, dust the house, vacuum the house, etc. etc. you get the point.

His daily chore is to make the coffee and mine is to make the bed.

Why is he allowed to abandon his? I need answers and I mean quick.

When he told me he was no longer going to drink coffee, "he said are you ok with that?"

I said "yes, because you are still going to make coffee for me".

He laughed and said "that was not the answer I was expecting"

He should not be able to forgo this do you think?

I have not had coffee made by him in 2 weeks and I am starting to get irritated. Strangely enough, I have noticed that has been making himself lattes instead.

Um, hello? What's up with that Mister?

I am thinking this behavior needs to be put to a halt.

Am I overreacting? Or am I right?

Not only is my coffee fix delayed each morning, but I am having to spend $$ too!

Do I need to go on that Marriage Show? This would be a good argument to fight.

Ugh, irritated.

Still love him though.

Other things random.

In a recent phone call with my sister, she mentioned to me that "according to Oprah" she is overdue for a new pillow?

I love Oprah and all, but since when did she hang the moon?

Maybe Aaron is right.

She is the next brainwashing leader to hit the Free World?

We now have no phone zones (I do support this), we have Dr. OZ (that's all I'll say about that), we have Dr. Phil (he annoys me), and she has become the most influential person in the world (according to me).

I really do adore Oprah.

My point is that, my sister is the last person I would ever think would listen to what Oprah says.

Especially about when it is time for her to buy a new pillow.

Too funny.

Just had to share.

Question of the day: How often do you buy new pillows? Another recent friend mentioned to me that she needs to buy new pillows too. How do you measure this need? Is it time lapsed, softness, odor?

just wondering....

Happy Sleeping,


  1. Your friend probably measured this need based on fluffiness of her pillow. :) I'll just blow my cover...the fact that I feel like I'm sleeping on my mattress indicates that I need a new, fluffier pillow. However, I did some research (aka "google"), and saw that many people actually just wash and dry their pillows in the machine. I may try this first and see if it fluffs it up some. Also, many people replace their pillows b/c of dust mites. I'm pasting the link below if anyone else would like to reference this guy's discussion on pillow replacement. It's amazing how some people have had the same pillow for decades!

    My next question (and remember I don't drink coffee) is what is the difference between drinking a coffee and a latte? I know one is coffee & one is espresso, but I guess what I'm trying to ask is what was the reason for the switch?

  2. Alright now, my friend Oprah may be the next free leader and I have to say that I might not agree with all, but any woman who has made herself this successful from just talking I will listen to about pillows...I am going to try to put mine in the dryer and see what happens, but I must say that it is not the fluff I like but the flatness that works for me. And yes I must admit I don't listen to much advice but when it comes from Wise women aka. Khaki I do and I must admit that I can't wait until 4 pm to see what Oprah has to say today. P.S. I HATE about reflective moments in life...:) love you! xo

  3. well i agree with aaron that oprah is evil. hahaha...and HELL YES you have a right to want him to still make coffee. NOT COMPARING aaron to BR...BUT that ex of mine (and we know how he could be) would make me coffee every morning before I went to work and he didn't drink it and was only in bed for about three hours before he would get up and do it! so your answer was perfect :-)