Sunday, May 16, 2010

story of pictures

WOW! What a day...

Do you guys remember Highlights the magazine?

This was my favorite thing to look forward to every month growing up.

One of my grandmothers bought me the subscription every year and I loved it.

Specifically, I love the story of pictures.

I always "cheated" and skipped ahead to the story of pictures.

They were so fun and interesting to me.

Here's an interesting story for you.

My story of pictures:


after having our morning coffee

The husband and I decided to go to the beach

I brought my book
and Aaron brought his surf board

We set out on our way and listened to a little bit of Kenny with the sun shining brightly on our drive

After I read for a little bit, Aaron wanted to show me how to paddle...

and maybe do a little bit of this....

Our fun time was rudely interrupted after Aaron was greeted with one of these

and one of these entered his foot

Which then caused him to do this...

all the way to this

After one of these,

well actually two shots in the butt and one in his foot

The doctors had Aaron do this


It was the only thing that made him not scream and moan.

It was terrible and I felt so helpless.

After three hours and lots of drama queen

moments from the husband

(the doctor said everyone reacts as crazy as Aaron did, he was seriously saying every word under the sun, along with ''Christ Almighty". That one came out a lot)

We came home with some of these

Which he hates by the way. ( he never takes antibiotics).

These are to avoid an infection.

Once we got home and settled in he wanted this

from his favorite Mexican joint. So off I went to fetch his dinner.

I hope you enjoyed my story of pictures.

After researching our unexpected incident. The stingrays are out early this year and Florida was swarmed with them a month ago.

Also, the urgent care we went to said Aaron was their second sting of the season. Seems kinda early, doesn't it?

Tips to remember:
If you find yourself in this situation do not delay seeking medical attention.

Wrap your foot and apply pressure until you can get medical attention

To stop the pain asap, soak your foot in HOT HOT Water with White Vinegar. This helps to release the venom from your body.

Accept the pain medicine offered, you will need it.

Xrays are important to make sure the barb is not still in your foot. The barbs have a reverse hook and can sometimes require surgery to be removed. For this reason, be careful removing the barb on your own.

Thank you to the Doctor's Care on James Island. They were so nice and extremely helpful and understanding of Aaron's foul language.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Yuk! I hope he feels better. How long will his foot hurt? Call me sometime today. xo........

  2. i absolutely love how you used the pictures to tell the story! hahaha...great! but so glad he is ok.