Thursday, July 22, 2010

Love Birds

For some reason today I am feeling super in love and lucky to have my husband.

I periodically remind myself that I am married to Aaron ..... (not mentioning last name for privacy reasons, my blog is public)

I remember the days in junior high when I would play all the silly games telling me who I would marry.

The Apple Game:
I would twist the stem super hard in hopes that it will fall off at A for Aaron as I sang the alphabet. And if it didn't work the first time, I would twist super lightly the rest of the alphabet so I would make it to the second round, and I would make sure it fell off at the second A!

Any of you play that game?

And then there was..the house, mansion, shack game which supposedly told you your destiny.

That game just makes me laugh. MASH> we believed it though, didn't we?

At that point in my life, I believed that if I cheated a "little bit" I could determine my destiny and if I willed it, it would be.

So funny to think about now.

Then in high school came the more mature relationships and my life was sans Aaron.

I thought for sure, I was going to marry both of my high school sweethearts. Nope. Didn't happen, and for good reason too.

They are both great people, but were not a part of God's plan for me.

You see, I do believe that he has a plan, but I also know that I have a plan too!

Funny, me have a plan. Of course!

College came and went with me trying to fit a square into a round hole.

Sort of like the game I played with a 3 year old this past weekend.

It doesn't work.

This was my higher power telling me, to give it up. It was never going to happen.

Then, Aaron came back to me.

Whew, and thank goodness.

You see, all of my hoping he was "the one" in junior high, was accurate all along.

He was the one, but the timing was wrong.

Obviously, 13 is a little young for marriage, right?

At least in this country it is.

I am so blessed that things worked out the way they did.

We both constantly remind ourselves that we are married to each other.

We were just little kids dreaming of a life together when we were 13, not knowing it would come true one day.

My advice to anyone who is cheating a little bit when playing the romance games:

Let go, open your heart, and you will find your way.

In love with destiny,


  1. I love it KS!!! You are too cute!! Love you both and great pic! So sweet!!!
    P.S.-I remember those spirit ribbons!!! Damn things, they always fell off. LOL!!!

  2. LOVE THIS PHOTO! Love this post. I forgot you guys were smitten kittens from back in the day!! xoxo