Tuesday, July 20, 2010

simple notions....

Tonight as I cooked this recipe for White Turkey Chilli I realized a few simple truths.
I think I have admitted once or twice that my Mom is always right. Well, tonight I offer my notions about my grandmother Kitty.

She was always right too.

You see, the above recipe calls for me to puree a can of cannellini beans.

I immediately reacted the way I always do when I get to the difficult step that my eyes somehow missed when I glanced over the recipe when I first discovered it. Which is to say to myself, "Oh, sugarfoot!"

I really was not prepared to pull out the blender, clean the blender, you know that whole nine-yards.

I quickly remembered, "Oh yeah, I've got that little food processor Grandmother gave me for my wedding".

When she gave it to me she told me more than 5 times that she always gives this item as a wedding gift and she promised it would come in handy many times.

Of course, halfway through her story about how dandy this food processor/chopper was, I always went off into space and had those thoughts we all have when our outdated grandparents try to tell us something. We think "what do they know, they are not hip anymore?"



She was so right.

I suggest you all go out and get one of these. (I have mentioned this in one other post when I made my homemade hummus)

This thing is the bomb-diggity.

Easy to clean, Easy to use, Easy to put away.

Perfection. Sweet Perfection.

I have one of those enormous awesome mixers for baking, cooking, making confections, but this little thing is the perfect kitchen item for quick simple recipes.

In and Out in a jiff!

My advice to you: Go get one of these pronto!

As I cooked dinner tonight, I decided to enjoy a glass of Pinot Grigio and used this nifty glass.

I bought these at my favorite store in the world, Anthropologie

Aren't they purrrty?

I love Vintage glasses. You can drink juice, wine, water, anything at all in them. You can even eat ice cream in these.

Just wanted to share one of my loves.

PS. The White Turkey Chilli turned out so good, Aaron had two servings. He usually never has seconds so I know this recipe is a keeper. I froze the rest for a future last minute dinner option. This makes me smile. I love finding good recipes!

Night for now,


  1. Looks so yummy!! Recipe please?? :-)
    Love those glasses KS!

  2. I can't believe I can't find mine.....I need to go replace it as it would make her happy. Knowing me I threw it away but have looked for it a lot in dicing things (esp. onions). Thanks for the reminder of her wisdom and yes I think the whole darn family got one for a wedding present....love you.