Monday, July 19, 2010

Tick. Tock.

This post is for educational purposes as well as your own entertainment.

I have had two run-ins with ticks this month already.

I am starting to wonder if ticks are a part of my destiny.

In the mountains of North Carolina for the July 4th holiday was where my first incident took place.

I am not sure if it was from the white water rafting trip, two morning hikes, or the dancing under the trees in the moonlight but somehow I managed to have one stuck into my waistline.

I immediately freaked because my fear of lyme disease is intense and often takes over me.

Luckily, it came off and left no "bulls eye" but I could not get it out of my mind, so a week later I went to get it looked at and to get tested.

They tested me for lyme disease and some other "mountain spider hee-bee-gee-bee"

Good news!

While, walking through the woods in Virginia this past Saturday they left me a voicemail to tell me it was negative.


Except, one big thing...while on this walk two ticks landed on me but I brushed them off so fast they barely touched me.

Aaron and I basically stripped down in the middle of the country and checked each other as soon as we were done.

We searched ears, backs, waists, etc....

Now that I think about this, this could have been a romantic opportunity but at the time it was more of a "you check me, I'll check you" type of moment.


Here's where we were......

"On a country road........."

Here are my tips....
-Wear long sleeves
-Spray all exposed areas as well as on top of your clothes
-Check yourself immediately after being in an area where you think you may be at risk
-Check all "nooks and crannies" they like ALL areas

If you do find a tick on you:

If the tick will not release from your skin, you may want to seek medical advice. Sometimes you have to use needles to get them out. (Note: I am not an expert)

Make sure you don't have a bulls eye around the spot where the tick was, if you do seek medical advice. This means it is infected.

Here's the kicker:
Aaron and I both have chiggers now! Awesome. I will educate you on chiggers at a later time.

For now just be glad you don't have chiggers. We are a little itchy itchy scratchy scratchy.



  1. What pretty pictures! CHIGGERS? Eek! Let me know if you need anything!

  2. I think you must be a bug magnet.....if you were not so sweet and mean like me they might not like you so much.....I would say you might want to carry in the car some benadryl or calomine (spelling not so sure). Love you buggie girl.

  3. Glad your test came back clear! I had to laugh about you not seizing the romantic opportunity; like you, the thought would not have crossed my mind at that moment. Then I couldn't help but think of the Brad Paisley song about checking for ticks. :)

    Another suggestion would be to tuck everything in (jeans/pants into socks, shirt into waistline); you may look silly, but it'll keep them on your clothes instead of on you.

  4. Jodi, you are right. Tucking in your shirt, etc is also a great tip! And btw, we did sing the "Check you for ticks" song because Aaron knows I love it. I just don't like ticks!